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The feedback received on Clodagh’s coaching has been very positive. Clodagh understood the brief quickly, built rapport with the coachee and used a variety of techniques to act as a “challenging friend” to the coachee to help her identify ways of improving her performance and dealing with  number of issues which she faced. Clodagh achieved the right balance of challenge and support, and she was liked and respected by the coachee.  Moreover, the coaching led to sustained improved performance.

Clodagh has also given strategic input to the firm on PA and transcription solutions. She has a high level of expertise and experience in this area. She showed commercial nous and good judgement, commanding the respect of a senior team when she presented her recommendations. These recommendations were adopted, with sound long term commercial outcomes.  Clodagh was also able to win the respect and support of PAs across the whole organisation when running a PA change programme.

Jonathan Bond
Director of HR & Learning
Pinsent Masons LLP

Working with Clodagh was an extremely inspiring and energising experience. She gave me positive, practical advice and support and pushed me out of my comfort zone which was exactly what I needed and wanted. I can now see that I always have choices and have become better at asking for what I want.  Working with her has improved my assertiveness and general confidence. I now find myself challenging my negative thoughts when they arise instead of letting them consume me.  I work in a completely different way to how I did 18 months ago and am happier in my daily life.

Louise Tremaine

"Working with Clodagh, I have experienced moments of epiphany.  As a direct result, I've made some small changes to my life, which have made me happier. And I'm on the cusp of a much bigger change, which could be really significant if I have the courage to see it through."

Jane Gallacher

"Working with Clodagh assisted me in making important life-changing decisions. I saw myself making difficult choices, sticking to them, and upon reaching my goals, surprisingly witnessed how others around me were empowered, as well."