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Corporate Coaching

  • Do you have managers who are less than effective when it comes to managing their people? 

  • How often do you have to spend valuable time dealing with dysfunctional teams?

  • Are there new managers in your organisation who are struggling to cope with their new roles and responsibilities?

  • How many of your employees are not performing as well as you would expect, despite training? 

Training alone can often lead to little or no lasting improvement in performance.  Often this is because the training is too generic and individuals find it difficult to translate what they have learned on a training course into how they need to change their behaviour.  With coaching, the focus is on the individual and it is completely subjective.  It is about exploring what they need to do to change their behaviour and applying tools and techniques to situations that are meaningful to them. 

If you have employees who are new to their roles, then coaching may mean the difference between success and failure.  I have a lot of experience in coaching new managers and coaching experienced managers who are struggling with people management and development. 

Coaching doesn’t need to be reserved only for those at the most senior level of the organisation.  Big Blue can offer corporate coaching packages for less than it would cost to send a manager on a three day personal effectiveness course.