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Consultancy - Legal Secretarial Role Development and Outsourcing

We all know that the legal secretarial role is not what it was.  In order to survive the harsh commercial reality of the 21st century, it must continue to evolve.  Exactly what the role is in any organisation should be driven by that organisation and it’s culture and strategy.  A generic industry one size fits all approach will not work because all law firms are not the same.  Involvement of secretaries and lawyers is key, both in order to minimise resistance to change and to set clear expectations for all parties.  A clear and well designed set of documentation is also essential to set and manage expectations.  It will assist secretaries and lawyers to make the transition into the new role and enable performance to be measured against an objective set of criteria. 

The use of outsourcing and voice recognition technology is likely to increase as firms continue to focus on the most efficient use of their resources.  It is a significant change project and is often viewed as a threat by both lawyers and secretaries.  It is essential to get the initial communication right and involve people in the process from the outset.  Following the implementation of outsourcing many firms fail to recognise that the service needs continual management and development in order to succeed.

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