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Bespoke Training Solutions

  • How much money have you spent on training which has had little or no practical benefit to your organisation? 
  • How often do you see a lasting improvement in performance following training?

We know training isn’t always effective yet we still continue to spend money on it.  Why?  Because employees expect it and organisations are judged and measured on whether or not they do it.  Employees expect to go on a training course and walk out of the door “trained”.  The solution with training is to do it smarter.  Not only does it need to be in context, but it needs to be integrated, both before and after the training “intervention”.

All of Big Blue’s training is completely tailored to the organisation.  It includes working with you and the delegates before the training to ensure that the content is in context and relevant.  Following the training, all delegates will receive one to one support and follow-up coaching in order to integrate their learning.  The follow-up coaching is an integral part of the training and the focus is working with the individual to explore how they need to integrate what has been learnt and make it meaningful to them.